Operating Hours

Monday to Friday  5:00 am – 7:00 pm

Weekend & Holiday Hours – 7:00 am – 5:00 pm 


Group Fitness Classes – Fall Schedule

Try your first class free! Visit the reception desk to register. 

If you’re new to our Group Fitness programming, we encourage you to come chat with the front desk staff to find a class that would be the right fit for you! 

Optimal by LIV North – Virtual Fitness Access 

Your at home / Online Fitness Centre!

Digital Fitness – LIV North
When working from home you can connect to LivNorth Instructors and content. With Optimal by LIV North, you will have free access to:

  •  A variety of live streaming fitness, mindfulness, stretch and education sessions. 
  • An ever growing on demand library available 24/7 on your computer or mobile device. 
  • Fun and engaging contests and challenges to include fitness, nutrition and mindfulness PLUS the chance to win prizes. 
  • Access from your computer or use our mobile app to join in from anywhere!

All of this is FREE for Tower Fitness at the Core members! 
To join please register using the link below. 

(THIS IS NOT THE TOWER FITNESS MEMBERSHIP SIGN-UP. VISIT THE MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION TAB TO SIGN  UP) https://www.wellnessliving.com/rs/catalog-view.html?id_sale=1&k_id=1888687

Membership Information

How to Join:

Tower Fitness at the CORE is available to the occupants of:

  • Dome Tower
  • Home Oil Tower
  • The  Lancaster Building
  • TD Canada Trust Tower

We are pleased that you are interested in joining the Fitness Centre and we look forward to assisting you with your health and fitness goals!  Tower Fitness at the CORE staff are committed to providing you with exceptional service through quality physical activity programs and educational resources.

Click on the  link below to sign up for a membership at Tower Fitness at the CORE.

Tower Fitness Membership Signup

To fill out the membership forms, click the link above.  This will open ShapeNet (our registration software).  Scroll down and enter your personal information, skipping by membership terms and payment details because the membership is FREE!  Choose ‘continue’ at the bottom and ‘yes’ to purchase the membership.  Read through the following membership forms;

  • Membership Agreement
  • Informed Consent Agreement
  • Rules & Regulations

You will need to load your signature 3 times and then save the contract.  Hit submit and OK!  We now have the information we need to get your started.

Please note once forms have been submitted you will  receive two messages confirming that your registration has been received & approved and that your access card has been updated.  These message will be sent out to you over the next 5 days.

Management kindly requests that you patiently refrain from entering the facility until BOTH messages have been received and you are properly granted access.  Thank you in advance for this. 

We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to the Tower Fitness at the CORE family!


  • FREE Membership
  • 10,000 sq. ft. facility
  • Multi-Purpose Class Studio
  • Cycling Studio equipped with Keiser M3i Spin Bikes
  • Virtual group fitness classes available in studios
  • 22 Life Fitness Cardio Machines with cable TV & Internet Connection
  • 2-Concept 2 Rowers and 2-VersaClimbers
  • 18 Strength Stations (machines & free weights)
  • Synergy 360 Functional Training Space (equipped with Kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, plyoboxes and much more)
  • Stretching/Core Space
  • Locker Rooms with shower facilities and towel service
  • Free Wi-Fi

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Schedule

Check out the in-person class offerings below to see what fits into your schedule! You can sign up 7 days in advance through our member portal or the Tower Fitness at the CORE network application.


Class Descriptions

Our instructors arrive 10 -15 minutes early, so if you are unsure whether the class is the right fit for you, come and speak to us at the front desk.  We would love to help you to determine what your best option might be and answer any questions you may have!


Instructor – Shahinda Ali

A High Intensity Interval Training workout consists of short bursts of intense work lasting anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds, followed immediately by a period of active recovery of the same length or longer. This cycle of hard work and recovery is repeated anywhere from 3 to 10 times, depending on the workout.

Strength 30

Instructor – Shahinda Ali

Get your heart pumping in this beginner to intermediate strength class, without the high impact cardio. Get an amazing full-body workout using a combination of light-moderate weight dumbbells & body-weight exercises. This is an express class, meaning you get the same great Strength workout in just 30 minutes!


Instructor – Laura Brain

Barre-CORE is a fun and challenging fitness program that offers a dynamic and engaging workout designed to enhance your balance, flexibility, and strength. This low-impact class provides a comprehensive workout for your entire body, fostering muscle sculpting and toning through a blend of stretching, isometric poses and controlled movements, all set to an energizing playlist. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, Barre-CORE offers modifications to suit all skill levels and warmly welcomes and embraces individuals of all physical shapes and sizes.

Slow Flow Yoga 

Instructor – Tracy Mann

This class is similar to traditional flow yoga, however each position is held for a longer duration and the pace is slowed down. This allows for a more peaceful and meditative practice, where several rounds of breathing can be performed during each posture.

Flow Yoga

Instructor – Paul Larmer

De-stress, gain flexibility, improve your range of movement, keep mobile & functioning. Move dynamically from one posture to another, with near constant movement, following the breath and fostering a meditative mental state! You do not need any previous experience in Yoga, so come on down and challenge your strength, balance & stability!


Instructor – Bryan Adolf

Using speed, agility and power, kickboxing combines the punches, upper cuts and hooks of boxing with powerful martial art’s kicks to create an intense workout. This class incorporates aspects of cardio and strength endurance through a combination of solo and partner work. ALL skill levels welcome!


Instructor – Trudy Lamb

Barre is an excellent full-body workout that includes classic ballet movements, as well as more traditional interval training exercises, all choreographed to energizing music. Using a combination of dumbbells, glute bands and sliders, this upbeat workout is sure to build a strong core and lower body!

Cycle & Core

Instructor – Jessie Fletcher

Cycling classes are a great option if you’ve become bored with running or walking. It’s a fun cardio workout that will challenge and inspire you with a high-energy vibe and motivating music. The first 35-40 minutes of class are pure cycling, followed by 10-15 minutes of stretching and core work. All levels are welcome to attend, but first-timers should plan to arrive ~10 minutes early so that the instructor can help you get your bike setup!


Instructor – Clara Mata

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? This class includes easy to follow choreography in a combination of low and high-intensity intervals. This full-body calorie burning class takes the work our of workout! New to group fitness? This class is an excellent place to start!


Instructor – Shahinda Ali

Get your heart pumping in this beginner to intermediate strength class, without the high impact cardio. Get an amazing full-body workout using a combination of light-moderate weight dumbbells & body-weight exercises.

Yoga Mix

Instructor – Janine Herman

New to Yoga? This is the perfect class for you! Join us every Friday with instructor Janine Herman, as she leads a series of classes that explore different types of yoga! From beginner to Yin, there’s a class for everyone! Every first class of the month will be an Intro to Yoga, followed by a flow class, Yin-Yang and finally a Yin Yoga class for the final Friday of the month. End you week right with this class!

You can pay & register for a class by:

  • App: Search Tower Fitness at the CORE in the App Store
  • Member Portal: https://hsgthecore.cshape.net
  • In Person at the desk (debit or credit card)

On the App or Member Portal

Username is always lastname-firstname (never email). If you forget your password let us know and we can quickly reset it for you!

To register, you will need to have either drop-in passes or a monthly pass loaded onto your account. We have 3 options for purchasing:

  • Single Drop-in – $11.00
  • 5 – Drop-in package – $52.50
  • 10 – Drop-in package – $100.00
  • Monthly Class Pass – $55.00

You’re first class is free! To cash in your free class, speak with staff to let them know which class you would like to attend. 


  • Sign into the member portal or app.
  • Click Purchase Drop-In Class or PT.
  • Select Drop-In Five, Single, Ten or the current monthly pass.
  • Once you have purchased your passes, return to the main menu and select “Register for Drop-In Class”.
  •  Choose the day (you can book 7 days in advance).
  • Select the a class.
  • Select “Register” and “Add Appointment”.
  • To remove yourself from a class you can no longer attend, go to “My Schedule” from the main screen and choose “Drop Class” (you can do this up to 1 hour prior to booking time).


Personal Training

If you are interested in purchasing personal training sessions please fill out this Personal Training Request form and a trainer will get in contact with you within 2-5 business days to book a session.

A personal trainer can help anyone, regardless of physical condition or age.  If you’re someone who has made the decision to change your current activity level, workout regime or even if you’re trying to recover from an injury; then one of LIV North’s certified personal trainers can help you get on the road to achieving your fitness goals.

As you begin to work closely with your trainer you’ll soon find out that they become your coach, educator, cheerleader, accountability partner and role model.  The customized training is not only designed to adapt to your fitness needs, but also to your schedule and budget.  There are many personal training options, for people who may want to workout several times a week with a trainer, or once a month.  There are also packages for those who may want a program design. We’re here to work with you!

Personal Training Fees – All prices shown do not include GST

Program Design (1 hour) – Have our trainers design a program for you to follow in your workouts.  This program will be tailored to your unique needs, wants and schedule.


One on One Training

Each session is one hour in length, with the trainer instructing, guiding and motivating the client in order to maximize results that are tailored to the individual’s goals.  Each session includes a complimentary consult to discuss clients current fitness levels, goals and any health related information necessary.

5 Session Package $413.00
10 Session Package $779.00

Express Training – 30 or 45 mins

Are your daily demands making finding time to workout difficult?  Maximize your time in the gym by hiring a trainer for 30 or 45 minutes. These express one on one sessions may be just what you need to find that work/life balance.

5 Session Package (45 mins) $354.00
10 Session Package (45 mins) $625.00
5 Session Package (30 mins) $266.00
10 Session Package (30 mins) $484.00

Pair Training (2 people)

Increase results and decrease the cost per session with pair training.  Working out with your co-workers might be just what you need to stay motivated and find more enjoyment in exercise.  Grab your friend and make it a part of your schedule.

5 Session Package (60 minutes) $631.00 
10 Session Package (60 minutes) $1156.00

Prices are what the pair would pay, not individual

30 and 45 minute pair training packages are also available upon request. Please speak with staff if you would like more information on pricing.

We also offer small group training for those interested in working in groups of 3-4 or more.  We can customize packages for those who are looking for something different or those of you who are looking to create “team building” events within their company or department.

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