Meet Our Instructors

Bryan Adolf – Kickboxing

Kickboxing class is an exhilarating and dynamic experience that combines the art of striking with intense physical and mental conditioning. As you step into class, the atmosphere is buzzing with energy and determination.

The supportive and inclusive environment encourages hardwork, as you cheer on your fellow classmates and push each other to new levels of achievement. By the end of the class, you feel empowered, sweaty, and invigorated, knowing that you have not only improved your physical fitness but also developed self-defense skills and mental resilience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, a Kickboxing class provides an exciting and fulfilling way to push your limits, relieve stress, and unleash your inner warrior.

Trudy Lamb – Barre

Trudy Lamb is a certified yoga, barre, and spin instructor. Her teaching style is energizing, challenging, and fun! She is also known for her amazing music playlists.

Trudy’s barre class at the Core will sculpt your muscles using light-medium weights , resistance bands, and Pilates squishy balls.

You will leave feeling lighter, leaner and stronger!! All levels welcome.


Shahinda Ali – Strength & HIIT

Shahinda is a certified group fitness instructor first getting her ACE (American Council on Exercise) certification in 1987 in Cairo, Egypt.  Upon arriving in Calgary in 2002, she then challenged the local AFLCA (Alberta Fitness Leadership

Certification Association) certification program and has been a member of both ever since.  With over 25 years of teaching, Shahinda continues to highly enjoy teaching fitness classes and is always challenging herself to stay up to date with the current fitness recommendations.  Her priority is to always offer a safe, effective and fun workout and to continue staying active with the members.  When not working, she takes pride in being a full-time mom to two daughters.  You’ll often hear Shahinda saying “ Mind over Body”, “Yes you can!” and “Love your body”.

Paul Larmer – Yoga (Tuesday)

Paul has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry helping people just like you to lose weight, get stronger, overcome injury, reduce stress, and feel better. He believes exercise must be adapted to the individual.
Paul starts each training relationship with a consultation to gather personal health history and assess your overall movement patterns.

His unique approach incorporates strength, mobility, flexibility, and cardio to increase energy and cultivate control. Paul offers many options from
lifting weights to yoga to one-on-one life coaching and mindfulness training. He would be happy to help you find your way to being more of
the person you would like to be.

Tracy Mann – Yoga (Monday)

Tracy loves teaching yoga and has been doing it full-time since 2001. In 2003, He opened and co-owned along with a close friend, Yoga Passage, a large yoga studio in the Beltline area of Calgary offering over 50 classes per week with a staff of 18 amazing teachers. He sold the studio and 2015.

Tracy has taught well-over 12,000 yoga classes and was the lead facilitator of over 32 Yoga Passage Teacher Training courses graduating more that 540 yoga teachers. Tracy feels very gratefully for being invited to teach at many yoga studios and fitness facilities throughout Calgary including the Bodhi Tree, the Glencoe Club, the Winter Club, Moksha Yoga, Hot Yoga on 17th, the University of Calgary, the Bow Valley Athletic Club, Westside Recreation, Studio 85 HIIT and Yoga, and Passages Studios.


Clara Mata – Zumba

Clara does her best to share the Zumba philosophy while she teaches and aims to make her classes  “dynamic and fun”.
She loves to hear how Zumba continues to change people’s lives!
When she is not dancing, Clara can be found in her kitchen cooking delicious meals with her family. If you want to move the world with Clara, you can follow her on Instagram at @clara.mata.


Laura Brain – Barre-Core
Laura joins Tower Fitness with a Barre & Mat Pilates certification, 600+ hours of practice, and a deep and genuine love for health, wellness and community. Laura’s path to becoming an instructor initially started with an injury – craving movement but unsure on how to safely exercise, she set out to find a way to stay active during rehabilitation.
When she discovered barre/pilates, she was immediately hooked, so much that she switched from a long-time career in Health & Safety to instructing full time. When not at the barre or on the mat, Laura enjoys spin, snowboarding, volleyball, reading, music and time spent with her family, friends & animals.
Brenda Tackaberry – Yoga (Thursday)

Brenda is YTT200 graduate from the Mynah School of Yoga here in Calgary, and a long time yogi.

Her passions outside of yoga include running, hiking, and soccer, which give her a good understanding of how yoga can support the body in all of its adventures.

You can expect a flowy class with a focus on the breath body connection, as well as time for exploring extra depth in poses. Her classes are suitable for all levels.


Justin Sinclair – Circuit Training
Justin has been working in the Fitness industry for over 15 years as a Personal trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Strength and Conditioning Coach.
His lifelong passion for staying active and love for sports has given him the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages specializing in teaching Bootcamp, Circuit and HIIT style classes.
Justin enjoys teaching Circuit style classes as it allows him to be creative with the exercises and be able to bring something new for participants to learn and potentially incorporate into their own workouts.
The most rewarding aspect for him is being able to gather a group of people from various fitness levels together and help push them to reach their fitness goals!
Andrea Sirrs – Pilates

Andrea is a gentle soul with a bright spark. Through movement, breath and attention to alignment she strives to create a playful, safe, supported space where all are welcome and encouraged to explore their own bodies. She strongly values connection through kindness, honesty, and empowerment through education.

Andrea graduated from The Alberta Ballet School and The University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts focused on Dance and Kinesiology.

Andrea found herself more interested in the Therapeutic side of movement. Naturally she gravitated to Yoga. She first started practicing at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre in Toronto,  where she took over 500 hours of Teacher Training & Personal Development.